CO2 + H20 --> The Dying Reefs + You !

Sarasota Contemporary Dance In Studio Performance Series, 2022
Personal Credits: Devising Collaborator with Eugenia Titterington in choreography, writing, performance

Have you ever had a bad day? Have you endured life-changing traumatic events that corrode your will to survive? You have more in common with the Great Barrier Reef than you think! Take the great leap with accomplished marine scientists and coral experts Raychel Ceciro and Eugenia Titterington as they guide you through the rocky, violent, torturous, agonizing life of a coral on this planet earth– and learn a little something about your own doomed existence along the way.

CO2 + H2O is a multi-media movement performance exploring the hollowing effects of patriarchal violence on climate change and the human body, studying the profoundly similar effects of trauma at the chemical and molecular levels found in both deteriorating coral ecosystems and the body in trauma. Devised through movement, text, organic chemistry, and a little bit of clown, the piece is a reframing and re-presentation of trauma through a lens of kinship with the natural world.

The performance concluded with a guided meditation and grounding exercise utilizing calcium carbonate seashells as a grounding tool to help us through those times our environments feel unstable.

Photos by Jesse Clark Art
Live background projection thru Coral Morphologic’s Coral City Camera