The White Feather Project

Ursinus College, 2019
Director: Ang Bey
Personal Credits: CoCollaborator, Dramaturg

There have been several recent hate crimes on the campus of Ursinus College, with much of the white student population unaware, and much of the white administration actively looking over their existence. A willful, comfortable cowardice permeates this institution, and The White Feather Project aims to address this cowardice within the frame of racial stress. 

The White Feather Project was a series of performed vignettes devised from interviews with white students and students of color at Ursinus College, conducted with director and collaborator Ang Bey. Centered around the January 2017 hate crime on the school’s campus in which the n-word was carved in the snow of a dormitory courtyard, The White Feather Project aimed to address the response of white cowardice in the face of institutional racism. Before the performance, Ang Bey gathered all audience members of color to construct the central set piece together as a method of blessing the space for this content. This set piece spells out the racial slur carved in the snow with white feathers, seen in the fourth photo.

Quinton Alexander
Bonnie Baldini