Being the FEATURED MOVEMENT ARTIST for the Poetry Society of New York’s HAPPENINGS program on January !

DANCING/DEVISING for DINNER, an dance theater work that uses “rigorous movement, nightmare imagined run-ins, sweet tender moments, and pure anarchy to demonstrate the intricacies of queer love, massive life transitions, and the discomfort of being truly very lonely,” by Mack Lawrence for the BRICK’s Interrobang Festival this April !

MOVEMENT DIRECTING the thesis of Irisdelia Garcia, a god’s house, an investigation of Puerto Rican womanhood and Irisdelia’s “relationship with ancestry, memory, and place through the desire to desperately document” what no longer exists, going up this April !

CHOREOGRAPHING for Catalina Cofone Pollack’s presentation of Divina Catharsis at the Argentinian Embassy in NYC !

MOVEMENT DIRECTING the original play Threads on Fire by Anamaría Willars-Vargas !

MANAGING OPERATIONS at Movement Research, NYC !

keep tabs here to learn more !

and you can email me at rachelceciro@gmail.com for a lil chat any time.