What Makes Us Worlds

Dance Movement Collective, 2019
Personal Credits: CoChoreographer, Video Design, Performer

What Makes Us Worlds is a duet performed for Mira Treatman’s Duets By Strangers workshop with the Dance Movement Collective. Over the course of five weeks, I got to know Philly teacher and dancer Rachel Ford as we collaborated on a piece that explored both of our interests. Devised from the poem This Is What Makes Us Worlds by J. Jennifer Espinoza, Rachel and I explored the tiny spaces (both physically and mentally) we take up as queer bodies, and the magnitude of meaning and experience that contradictingly exists there. Dancing alongside autumnal footage of hands and feet in dirt and leaves taken at the Wisshickon Valley Park, while dancing in leaves ourselves, we drew parallels between the mitigation of our bodies to small spaces, and the tinest, most extraordinary and vibrant processes of living found in the natural world. 

Footage by India Abbott